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Galveston Metacarpal Brace

Galveston Medical

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ADVANTAGES: Utilizes the concept of three point fixation, a better degree of correction than with the ulnar gutter splint, fully adjustable pads to customize the splint to various hand sizes and fracture types, and an adjustable strap that allows the maintenance of swelling reduction. It is radiotransparent, and allows unrestricted motion of IP, MP, and wrist joints.

INDICATIONS: Can be applied to fractures of the 2nd through the 5th metacarpal on either hand by simply adjusting the crossbar and pads.

PRECAUTIONS: The two-toned dorsal pad has a soft layer in contact with the skin, and a stiffer backing pad. As long as the soft pad is not fully compressed, pressure under the pad is below that shown to cause necrosis (the soft pad is only meant to be an indicator). As with other non-invasive methods of treatment, this splint does not prevent shortening, The Galveston Metacarpal Brace, as with any other functional bracing system, requires patient compliance for optimal results.

APPLICATION CONSIDERATIONS: The brace should be applied following fracture reduction to maintain alignment. The patient should be allowed to adjust the brace to be snug, but not uncomfortable.


Measure the Diameter of the Palm.

Description Inches Centimeters
Small 2.25"-3" 6-8cm
Medium 3"-3.5" 8-9cm
Large 3.5"-4" 9-10cm
Extra Large Over 4" Over 10cm

A spare set of pads is included with each brace.
Extra pads & bars are available at an additional cost.