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Form Fit® OA Wraparound


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The Form Fit OA Wraparound is a cost effective, low-profile option for patients with mild to moderate unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis. The Dynamic Force Strap tensions as the leg extends, providing pain relief in a single pull motion.

The slim polycentric hinge design and breathable material offers a discreet and comfortable fit. Dot-coded color wrap closures allows for a simple donning procedure for the user.


Indications for Use

  • Mild to moderate unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis
  • For patients who prefer a "soft" brace
  • For patients who have mild impairment of cognitive and/or manual dexterity
  • Recommended for low to medium contact/impact

Order Information

Size Thigh Circ.* Calf Circ.** Medial Lateral
Right Left Right Left
*Thigh Circumference: 6" above mid-patella, **Calf Circumference: 6" below mid-patella
XSmall 14-16"(36-41cm) 11-12.5"(28-32cm) B-254901001 B-254901008 B-254901015 B-254901022
Small 16-18"(41-46cm) 12.5-14"(32-36cm) B-254901002 B-254901009 B-254901016 B-254901023
Medium 18-21"(46-53cm) 14-16"(36-41cm) B-254901003 B-254901010 B-254901017 B-254901024
Large 21-23.5"(53-60cm) 16-18"(41-46cm) B-254901004 B-254901011 B-254901018 B-254901025
XLarge 23.5-26.5"(60-67cm) 18-20"(46-51cm) B-254901005 B-254901012 B-254901019 B-254901026
2XLarge 26.5-29.5"(67-75cm) 20-22"(51-56cm) B-254901006 B-254901013 B-254901020 B-254901027
3XLarge 29.5-32"(75-81cm) 22-24"(56-61cm) B-254901007 B-254901014 B-254901021 B-254901028